Thanks to all for your expressed excitement this month, with the posting of songs on Soundcloud. Truth is, the songs were up.  But it turns out ITunes Libraries sometimes pull the wrong versions of songs when you upload.  So after deleting all those alternate mixes, the right ones are up on Soundcloud, and I decided to announce that fact by posting on Facebook. More music coming soon.

Please check out the amazing new CD by artist Teri Scheinzeit, Choosing Happy. Go go go to find her online at her site or at CD Baby. The songs are beautiful constructions, she is singing herself nutty, and it all sounds heavenly.  Basics arranged and played by Tom Prasada-Rao. I had the privilege of finishing production for her here in New York with engineering by the ubiquitous Mark Dann.

Another song being held for pitching by a supervisor through Music X-Ray. Nice to get to yes. Next month it’s off to Florence for a week, songwriting retreat with Gretchen Peters.