We are pleased to share with you that You See This River has been submitted for this year’s 60th Grammy Awards. For your consideration, we are included in the following categories:

Best American Roots Song “Good Crazy Thing”

Songwriter ; Janie Barnett

Best American Roots Vocal “Good Crazy Thing”

Vocal; Janie Barnett

Best Folk Album “You See This River”

Janie Barnett & Blue Room

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New album available now
“You See This River”

Click on one of the links below to get your copy. It’s Brooklyn-based Americana; it can pump you up or cradle you, a la Lumineers, Sarah Jarosz or Mumford and Sons.

The stories here are of the primal instinct for nostalgia, the beautiful and terrible journey up and down the river, the persistence, romanticism, and pig-headedness of humans. The title track captures this journey on the river – sometimes deliberate, sometimes meandering, indeed sometimes treacherous, with no apparent way to jump the current, all the while watched by those who choose to stand on the sidelines. All we might know for sure is that we’ll float another day.

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