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One of the very best albums in the Americana universe, certainly of 2017 and likely this decade.

Jason Velazquez of The Greylock Glass (Facebook post)

Janie crafts stories dug out of your family’s cedar trunks up in the attic, memories traced in carbon copy from old letters in the shoebox in the back of the closet. Her ballads are painted in emotions as fresh as eternally wet paint. Her creations are woven from words that seem like she could have teased them out of my own brain if I were an immeasurable more talented poet…Penetrating and heartbreaking. Wise and reckless. True. Imagined. True anyway..

The Mongrel, The Greylock Glass

A very impressive body of songs that just get better with repeated listening. Recommended for all who like to dwell in the magical universe of the ethereal.

Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway  

It’s an excellent album. We’ll definitely dig back into it on future shows. 

Folk Roots Radio

…Graceful. From start to finish this is an empowering and ardent album. With all the anarchy occurring in today’s society, this album is an essential listen for slowing down, reflecting on life, and finding your true self.

Live In Limbo  

A self-proclaimed outsider, Janie has always done her own thing. In the tumultuous and ever ‘conform to the norm’ driven music industry, Barnett has never wavered in her fierce individualism. She shows us that the real beauty and magic in music lies in the ability to connect with one another….I absolutely love [her] sound.

Nicole Ryan, Inspirer Magazine

[Barnett] had brought her journey to the table and, with the help of her friends, made it an album that any music fan can identify with. This is a record that shouldn’t fly under the radar for long, because it’s established that Barnett deserves a place in the music world all her own.

Brittany Frederick, AXS Magazine



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“You See This River” in the top 20 airplay on Folk Radio in its first 2 weeks in rotation

Named one of their albums of the year 2017 by From Texas and Beyond radio

Sweet Thursday made The Alternate Root’s Top 10 Songs of the Week list


[This] album is so beautiful. I love it, honored to be on it! It’s touching, heartfelt, and the lyrics are wonderful. It’s on replay in my car!

–Paula Cole; Grammy-winning recording artist

I have been playing [You See This River] in my kitchen now all day today. I. Love. It. It’s so beautiful — the melodies, arrangements, the voice … the whole vibe. It’s so consistently good, one of those rare recordings you can listen to all the way through, every track. 

Lydia Hutchinson; Publisher/Editor of Performing Songwriter Magazine

What I like about You See This River is that it’s an album. It’s a sit down on the sofa and listen from beginning to end album. The songs and the fabulous production intertwine with seductive consistency. This album is worth your time.

Cliff Eberhardt; Red House recording artist

I thought the album was beautiful. I put it on last night… and was really impressed. Beautifully played and arranged and sung.

Bill Flanagan

Janie Barnett turns the bumps, bruises, and joys of life into evocative and relatable songs…and makes it sound easy… which ain’t easy.

Kenny White; Recording artist and 2016 Kerrville Music Festival judge

You See This River is a constant delight from beginning to end. The fluid expressiveness of Janie Barnett’s voice weaves its magic on the exquisite songs. This is Americana at its best!

Janice Pendarvis; vocalist (Sting, David Bowie, Steely Dan)


Shenendoah @ The Birchmere; Sweet Thursday; Don’t Talk Just Drive; Jetty; Shiny Bit Of Treasure; Come On Up To The House @ City Winery Loft
Live at City Winery Loft NYC – Jeremy Beck piano; Larry Saltzman guitar; Richard Hammond bass; John McCurry guitar; JB vocal
Live at City Winery Loft 2019 – Ben Stivers piano; Richard Hammond bass; Larry Saltzman guitar
Premiered on Mother Church Pew Americana 2018





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