Listen to Janie on Up Close and Acoustic!

Host Charlie Silvestri had Janie on as a special guest for an episode of his performance and interview radio program, Up Close and Acoustic.

Up Close And Acoustic With Janie Barnett

If you are seeking to make music your life and career, the path that my guest Janie Barnett has navigated through the ‘music biz’ should demand your study and attention.
Janie’s career has had many fortuitous twists and turns which have taken her from rural roots, to big city college teaching, to singing 20 feet from stardom, and singing about Campbell’s soup!
Along the way, Janie Barnett has made friends and connections and truly appreciates how that can go hand in hand with hard work and practice.
Her new album is ‘You See This River’.
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Listen to the episode here.