The Greylock Glass Names “You See This River” One of the Best Albums of 2017!

Jason Velasquez of The Greylock Glass named You See This River “one of the very best albums in the Americana universe certainly of 2017, and likely this decade.”

The Greylock Glass produced and released FIFTY-EIGHT podcast episodes in 2017! To celebrate, we’re doing a year-in-review “listen back” over the year via Facebook.

December 9, 2017

I think I produced some of my best work (not to toot my own horn or anything) on the Cornbread Cafe with the release of Episode #6, which is our second to last entry in our New Year’s countdown. The musicians have been top notch since the very beginning, but I think I hit my personal stride with this one. Maybe that’s because I had on the pitch-perfect guest for this episode, eh?

We had a long and insightful conversation with Janie Barnett & Blue Room, who released one of the very best albums in the Americana universe certainly of 2017, and likely this decade, You See This River. Janie crafts stories dug out your family’s cedar trunks up in the attic, memories traced in carbon copy from old letters in the shoebox in the back of the closet. Her ballads are painted in emotions as fresh as eternally wet paint. Her creations are woven from Words that seem like she could have teased them out of my own brain if I were an immeasurably more talented poet.

Although I only included clips of our conversation in the episode itself, the entire interview is available via the embedded audio player just below Janie’s photo at the top of the show notes. Enjoy!

Artists Featured in this Episode:
Janie Barnett, “You See This River,” You See this River
Janie Barnett, “Better Times Are Coming,” You See this River
Molly Pinto Madigan, “Seven Tears,” The Cup Overflows
Bees Deluxe, “Industrial (espionage),” single
Gus McKay, “Married a Snake,” Salt Flat Mojo Blues
Heather Maloney, “Let Me Stay,” by Just Enough Sun
Almond&Olive, “We Will,” Standing at the Precipice
Birds of Chicago, “American Flowers,” American Flowers
Janie Barnett, “Sweet Thursday,” You See this River

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