Fall 2018

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We had a truly amazing night at City Winery Loft in late October.  All were on hand for a night we shared with our friends in Vicki Kristina Barcelona.  Special thanks to James Maddock for joining me on a duet of Petty’s Learning to Fly.  And to all extraordinary Blue Room musicians involved in the show:  Jeremy Beck on piano, Larry Saltzman on guitar/mando/banjo, Richard Hammond on bass, Frank Vilardi on drums, Angela Reed on vocals, Gary Schreiner on chromatic, Ben Stivers on piano, Rob Killenberger on sound.  We loved the room, and y’all filled it to the rafters! We’re grateful for every one of you.

We’ve begun work on two new collections of music: original material you’ve been hearing on the shows, and a collection of my favorite Cole Porter songs, treated with an Americana twist.  We’re very excited to be developing these projects for our fans, with the trusted mixing hand of Michael Golub.

See you at Barbes on Nov 28th for the Bushwick Book Club’s monthly installment.  This month we’ve read the Sleepwalker’s Guide To Dancing, by Mira Jacob.  I’ll be performing the song that sprung from me after this great but challenging read. Young lovers doomed…ghosts returning to reclaim lost time.