Continuing to work on tracks for the new record.  Sessions at Sammy Merendino’s Harlem Parlor Studio with SM on drums and Richard Hammond on upright.  Brilliant!

Larry Saltzman and I recently broke out of the ProTools closet to do a mini set at Terry Radigan’s Roundup in Park Slope.  Great to get out and play live.  We heard some great music that night as well.  Carmella Ramsey and Kenny Vaughn played their own mini set.  Radian knows how to create a great scene.

Nashville trip last month was terrific. I captured the amazing and graceful Barry Walsh on piano on a new track.  Barry and Gretchen Peters graciously welcomed the intrusion into their beautiful home and we captured the moment through the miracle of ProTools on a thumb drive.

My ex Berklee Student Steve Barnett (no relation) had his CD release while I was in Nashville.  I was so pleased to be there – his new record – I really can’t stop listening.  Tash Ostapovicz and I contributed harmonies to the show.

In January Allison Scola and Joe Ravo aka Villa Palagonia have released their long awaited new recording, beautiful “eclectic acoustic music brushed with hues from Mediterranean folk.”  I was pleased to produce the vocals for this collection and it is a gorgeous piece of work.