Radio Launch/Spring Shows

Our radio launch begins Memorial Day weekend. If you have any stations you would love us to include, let us know!

I am playing a mini set at the infamous Radigan Roundup in Brooklyn (8th Avenue and 12th St) on Sunday May 21st – a wonderful shared night, hosted by – of course – the indomitable Terry Radigan. The night starts at 7:30. Come on out and hang with us – burgers and beer and fellowship! I’ll be joined (so far) by Jeremy Beck on accordion/vocals and Angela Reed on vocals.

And a head’s up that in June we will play our last Rockwood Music Hall show of the season. June 12th on Stage 3, 7pm show. My Blue Room cohorts for the evening are (so far) John Putnam (guitar, dobro), Jeremy Beck (piano, vocals), Lisa Nutkin (fiddle, mandolin), Richard Hammond (bass), and Angela Reed (vocals). We’re expected a few juicy additions to that list, and I know it will be a joyous night of music and community. And that hang upstairs at the Rockwood after the show is one of the many reasons it is a beautiful venue.