June 12, 2017 @ Rockwood Music Hall

We played our last NYC show at Rockwood Music Hall before taking a summer break. You guys really showed up for us once again. We videotaped, so bear in mind I have every crazy outburst from each and every one of you! What I love is that every show with this project is a community gathering. It’s as if we’re in the town square, playing music, talking town gossip (no mean girls allowed, of course!) and exchanging love, solace where needed, and (let’s face it, much-needed) hope for the future. (Lorelei and Rory would fit right in. All GG folks please identify yourselves!) Joining me in the Blue Room on June 12th were Larry Saltzman on guitar, Jeremy Beck on piano and vocals, Richard Hammond on bass, Lisa Gutkin on fiddle, Angela Reed on vocals, Gary Schreiner on harmonica, and Lisa Brigantino on mandolin, who was supposed to learn 3 songs and basically learned the set. Lisa B, you are amazing! Such a gathering of immensely talented people, committed to making good honest music. Thank you to Harold Erkins for archiving on video.