Charting on Americana Radio!

I am over the moon to report that Americana and Folk radio have embraced our record You See This River to the point where we have charted at #19 on Airplay, and #30 on the Artist chart. For a project that has never before been on the radar of these DJs and fans, this is a remarkable event and I am beyond grateful to the independent folks in this genre who are ready to recognize and play new music they love. Please write to me here ( and say hello if you would like to request we send the record to any other stations throughout the country, or if you are a DJ who is interested in a phone interview or in-studio event. Requests for plays to these independent stations are taken seriously, so if you have a favorite station (NYC fans…that call to WFUV couldn’t hurt!) please pick up that cellphone and request a song be played. Finally, if you have ideas for shows for next year, including a house concert near you, I’d love to hear from you.

Soon I will begin archiving radio interviews on this site. These DJ’s I’ve been speaking with are really remarkable – knowledgeable and inspiring.