Country Music Life Features “Better Times Are Coming”!

Country Music Life reviewed “Better Times Are Coming” from Janie’s album, You See This River, scoring it an 84/100.

Better Times Are Coming by Janie Barnett (@janiebarnettBR)

Here is one that’s from the edge of country music.

It probably fits more in the folk or Americana music genre.

But in the country music we’re accepting of all different sounds. Listen to country radio today and you’ll hear all kinds of different sub genres of country music. About four or five classic country. About four or five with more hip hop and R&B influence. Also some that is definitely more pop.

But here is Janie Barnett and one of the tracks from her latest album release.

There is some definite somberness with this one. The title seems to be pretty straightforward. It’s someone that’s looking at their world right now and looking for that light. Looking for that sign that things will improve in the future.

And I think it’s left vague enough so listeners can put in their own details. We like to do that as listeners. Especially with country music. And the best songwriters and singers seem to be able to tell their personal story while also allowing the listener to embrace the song for their own story.

I think Janie has done that in a good way with this one. And it’s got a soft, but good melody. The more I listen to this one the more I find it catchy and interesting. It’ll grow you on.

The vocals are unique too. That haunting yet hopeful music is interesting and couldn’t have been easy to ideate.

Anyway, I like it. What do you think?

CML Points: 84/100

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