DEC 2021

Obviously, I started putting our news on the front page of this site, but I’ve recently wandered over here and it was quite fun to read the news from the past. So to that end….

There’s been many shows, and many recording sessions, and many gigs cancelled due to the giant worldwide catastrophe called Covid-19. And we’re still in it. But live shows are happening, and our shows are joyous, for folks who’ve gotten their vaccines!

The re-imagining of Cole Porter has been an incredible thrill – I created my wish-list of players, some I knew personally but many I simply admired. And most of them said yes! I think they were intrigued by this adventure and surely were delighted to collaborate with each other!

We’re gearing up for our show at City Winery Loft on Jan 23rd. Special guest duet partners, and extraordinary musicians. And a bit of a showcase, as we look for a label home for this project. In the meantime there are videos and tracks from the upcoming release, right here on the site. Enjoy. Write me! Share with folks. Wander over to Spotify and become a follower/listener.

As I secured the recording commitments from these world-class players, I often said to these folks, “hey, how about playing on one of my tunes as well.” Cuz that album coming too. And they did. Some tracks being shared on this site and on Spotify as well. Please share!

I send you all my hopes and prayers for a soulful, healthy, gratifying 2022, and I’ll hope to see you out there on the road, in the cafe, conversing with humanity as we well should. JB