February 2022

We’re halfway through winter, apparently. Angie says so. So that’s good news. And the Omicron numbers are heading down, so that’s good news. I’m reminding myself of a few good thoughts I had back in 2017. Looking for quality experiences. Don’t need to mourn history, don’t need to regret anything or push back on the truth. Just time to create quality experiences. And, as that piece of paper on my studio wall reads: Do not be driven by fear; only love.

That goes for knuckleheads that have made mistakes right in front of you, sometimes in regards to you. There cannot be villains in this story, only sad turns, that can turn into better insights.

Recently someone took very good care of me when I needed help. Another friend said, ok, remember that and manifest only that kind of immeasurable goodness and love. I got kind of fed up with “manifestations” a while back, but then there was that piece of paper on my studio wall.

Ok ok.

So believe it or not, all this lead to booking a livestream show at Euphoria Studios here in NYC.March 3rd, 7pm, on my FB page. I’ll be making some sounds with my pals Larry Saltzman, Ben Stivers, and Richard Hammond. I hope you’ll bring your favorite beverage and snack and join us. Fairy lights including. Requests welcome.

Please take good care of yourselves. A nice cuppa, something sweet.