Trusting in the renewal of fall, folks. I hope you’re catching a wave of energy and hope for liasons that lift us and endeavors that feed our souls. The early spring gave my little creative troupe a boost when we brought the Cole Porter Re-imagined project to City Winery NYC. It was our first time in the “new” CWNYC and the room is just beautiful. So were you. The show was sold out and there was, to draw upon the cliche, magic in the room. I’m so grateful to all of you for sharing that day with us, and for my band and special guests, Steve Conte, Nicki Richards, Eugene Ruffolo, and James Maddock.

We’ll start the fall with a group show at the Cutting Room NYC, an intimate format for singers and songwriters. We’ll relish the opportunity to play with each other and see all of you in our NYC family, while raising funds for groups around the country who are working on the ground to defend our voting rights, register new voters and preserve our liberties.

I’ll finish the fall in December back at City Winery with the Cole project. I’ve just started creating the album package for that project and talking to folks who could help us bring the songs to venues around the country.

In every season of our lives we ride the waves up and down and sideways. In the past few years there has been an awful lot of sideways, personally and globally. I don’t know about you, but me, I talk to myself out loud a fair amount these days. Little encouragements, little bit of cussing, little bit of incredulousness. “Really..?” “Are you serious…?” Yup. We can’t control everything, or anyone. But we keep striving; it seems my message to myself never changes. Just keep trying. And with all of our ambitions, our love of our endeavors, it turns out JT was right – everyone knows that love is the only road.

So let us keep our heads on straight, and our hearts stay open. See you out there. JB