Summer 2023

Greetings from Brooklyn, y’all. I’ve got Voter registration/suppression on my mind.But first, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all you fabulous folks who joined us at City Winery on June 11th, to celebrate the release of Under My Skin: Reimagining Cole Porter. It was one of the best musical experiences of my career, I kid you not. Even understated uber talent Ben Stivers said: “I’m very proud of what we did today.”

Looking forward to planning some fundraising shows in the fall and beyond towards groups doing great work on the ground to register new young voters, to protect the rights of existing voters and help folks navigate the system. Never too early to start brainstorming how to put our talents to work.

This summer seems like a thoughtful time, for those of us who have that luxury. I’m writing lots and I hope you are too, in your heads, through your conversations or good works. Changing thoughtful times. Blessings along the way, I hope. JB