Digging In, Summer 2023

Greetings from the heat-and-thunderstorm-beleagured planet. I’ve taken on two heavy-duty books: “The Myth of Normal” and the old standby “The Body Keeps The Score.” Just a little light reading for the summer! Why bring this up on the music news page? Well, hell, it’s fodder for all sorts of brand new raging OR healing AND certainly a bunch of new songs. Let’s all read and write together this intense summer of ’23. An unexamined life ain’t worth living. That Socrates fella knew a few things.

Jeez, what an extraordinary afternoon we had at City Winery on Jun 11th! I can honestly say it was among the top 5 shows of, well, my whole career. For real. Finally had the perfectly harmonious personnel on stage, all in flow together and having a great time. And the audience – you guys were extraordinary. We forgot it was summertime and we might not get the sold-out status we’re used to on this show, but the mighty group who did come were hollering in that good juju way, the minute we walked on stage. The CW staff, who had 100 kid rockers downstairs at some kid thing, were so good to us, and we got the head honcho sound fella doing the best sound I’ve ever had at the joint. We captured it all with a video team – working on the post production now. Let me please just say a very grateful thank you to all y’all who came and made for a magnificent and memorable fellowship.

We’re in the midst of setting up the new store on this site, offering the ready to go Under My Skin: Reimagining Cole Porter album, on CD or as a download, as well as my  2016 release You See This River.  By September I hope to have all the new JB songs from the pandemic years released and on the site for purchase as well, and for listening of all releases on Spotify. As always, we art-makers always encourage you to support through purchasing music for your home listening. See more on this site about the Cole Porter project and view videos from past shows.  I could not be more proud of this project, and the very special all-star musicians who’ve given their talents to my arrangements of the great Mr. Porter’s catalogue. I want you all to have these songs in your homes, your cars, your ear buds.

Taking the summer to dig in to some writing, solo as well as with extraordinary writing partners. Very VERY excited about the writing life and looking forward to sending some of those tracks out to opportunities.

Gearing up for the Fall 23 and 2024 season of probable fundraiser shows towards groups around the country fighting voter suppression, supporting young voter registration, and building grass roots political engagement. Look for fun solo and group shows to come. Let’s get engaged, my friends!

For listening, and watching, check out all the music that’s been featured on this site, on my Youtube channel, and on Spotify. So..in case you need reminding…The Cole Porter project! The maestro’s songbook wrapped in the loving arms of fiddle, mando, my old Gibson, classic upright piano, and the lusting and longing of that dobro. ONE MORE duet partner to secure and this thing is done. We let a small number of cuts out of the protective vault, as well as a few JB tracks that will be on that next album, so wander over to Spotify and check them out, and yup, click to be a monthly listener/follower. Go to the Cole Porter page on this site to read more about the project.

It’s a privilege to have this life, and the life I have mentoring rising songwriters at Berklee College of Music. I’m grateful for this time in my life, even as I struggle like all of us, to make sense of the chaos we see and sometimes directly experience.I will continue to look for ways to channel musical endeavors into causes that need support.If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be kept in the loop, do sign up on this site. If I become annoying, you can always unsubscribe lol!

We hold our collective breath, metaphorically, for the times they are a-changing. Get thee to your vaccine center if you are due for your next shot! And let us open our hearts to the world that continues to right its ship. Patience, like never before. Let us proceed with hope, with patience, with love and gratitude for what we have, what we may have, and what we may yet achieve, never forgetting the many thousands we have lost, and the challenging work ahead to reach across divides, face our historic faults and fears and rise up in brave new ways. Head stays clear.  Heart stays open. Driven by love, not fear.