Oct 2024

Why do we do engage in our arts, our sports, our household projects, our secret novels, our late night baking obsessions? To brag about it on Instagram, with a perfectly posed picture? It’s very gratifying when you share a project of any kind (hey, I brought this orange cheesecake I’m trying out!) but if we’re living right, we’re doing these things privately to express some deep love for the thing. Over the years, it becomes more and more private, and yet as we perfect the thing we sure as hell want to share it.

Then, as the world explodes, implodes, radiates, sobs…all those things seem oddly silly. I have decided we need the arts, and we need to do private things that express our joy and pain and above all, our stories. And sometimes we should share.

For the expression of the art, and the care for the world’s story, I chose to book another show of musical stories, and to raise funds and awareness for voting rights issues. I can’t go to war zones, but I have a daughter whose future in America in small part depends on a free and fair election process, inviting millions of young people registering to vote and making their voices known. Join us at The Bitter End on Nov 13th, 7pm, for a night of song featuring myself, James Maddock, Kenny White, Bette Sussman, Eugene Ruffolo, Larry Saltzman, Richard Hammond, Frank Vilardi, and Angela Reed. Your ticket purchase will go towards the Campus Vote Project, registering young students for their next expression of individual rights.