Sept 2023

How are you?

I’m sincerely looking to the fall for renewed energy and some kind of turning of the corner. My guru (not officially) Tania just told me I have reason to believe that’s coming. My mother raised me to be a fighter! She also raised me to make nice and always put others before myself, something I’ve decided isn’t always the healthiest way to go. I think The Chicks would agree. By the way, were you fortunate enough to see them on tour this past season, and did you see my friend Keith Sewell rocking it in their band?

Anyhow…I hope you too are planning new ways to embrace change, love emphatically and without boundaries. My new favorite phrase is “we have a nuanced relationship.”

I invite you to join us at the iconic Bitter End on Nov 13th for a night of music to raise funds for the Campus Vote Project. Young people coming in to their voting power! Lots of friends and surprises!

Mark your holiday calendars as well for our now annual alt-Cole Porter show at the beloved City Winery NYC on Dec 17th. My friend Steve Conte has signed on to sing with us. More invited guests to come!

And please take a look at our new Music Shop on this site. Finally! By mid October I’ll have Under My Skin: Reimagining Cole Porter album as well as a new JB album of compositions, which I’ve cheekily entitled but longing is primal. You do a great service when you lean in to the gesture of supporting art through commerce, and we thank you.

The world has been, and continues to be, in a sort of conflagration, if you ask me. But we push back, we must. Let’s keep striving, my friends.